Spoon Lake, Montana

On the doorstep of Glacier National Park there is a small, secluded lake. My in-laws have a small cabin on this lake. It's gorgeous. While my aunt-in-law and cousin-in-law were in town, we all drove up to the cabin to spend two nights. It's always worth it, and it was so fun to have two extra family members around!

Forest loved having Aidan around. Those boys sure do have fun together. They were being adventurous, trying to break logs, creating fires in the wind. Aidan climbed everything. Forest and I swam in the lake, which was the warmest it's ever been! (It was probably 50 degrees.) We got pizza at Mackenzie River Pizza Co. and breakfast at Montana Coffee Traders. We played with our water guns and pretended we were ten years old again. It was a great trip.