Family: Brandon, Esther, Tatum, Porter

When Esther asked me to take her family pictures, I was thrilled. I don't really advertise myself as accepting clients, so I rarely get session requests. I usually refer them on, but this one I took :) I really, really wanted to do this shoot. It was my pleasure to photograph this little family.

Esther and I used to be roommates, and now we're wine buddies who try to get to Plonk at least once every couple months. She is a photographer too, and she coordinated her familys' outfits wonderfully (always a plus), and these little girls are some of the cutest I've seen.

Esther and Brandon have been together for two years now. Esther quickly became a second mom to Tatum and Porter. They now have a house in Lolo with lots of room to play.

All four of these people are very special, blending together lots of love to become a family, and I greatly enjoyed getting to know the whole fam while shooting on this sunny-ish autumn day. I hope you enjoy these photos, because I love them. :)

- Sarah