The Boone Family

By raising eight children and adopting two dogs, Jesse and Nelli began a group of twelve that is admired by many. I've met quite a few large families (I grew up homeschooled 😂), but I've never met one quite like the Boones. And this photo shoot has been a long time in the making... 

I met the Boones in 2014 at Rocky Mountain School of Photography's first Help-Portrait event in Missoula. They had recently moved (back) to Missoula from Cleveland, and they heard about our Help-Portrait event and stopped in to see if they could help. We got to talking somehow... I think it was because I asked if all of those children belonged to them. They said yes and then I was intrigued. Somehow we started talking about something... who knows what, and then we resolved to keep in touch. I can't recall the exact timeline, but I believe it started because I wanted to photograph them.

You see, Jesse and Nelli are photographers themselves who have been in business for over ten years. They have an incredibly photogenic family and a very well-designed home. Because of this, I was very interested in doing a lifestyle at-home family session with all of them... And then I found out Nelli was pregnant with her eighth baby and then I knew I HAD to photograph them. Nelli and I planned for me to photograph the birth of Ela, and I cannot even express how exciting this was for me. I have always wanted to photograph a birth. But then, as became the common theme of us planning photo shoots, the timing wasn't working out. So then we talked about doing a full family session of them last year, and honestly I can't remember why that fell through, but it did. In the meantime, Nelli had done two photo shoots of Forest and I and I did a couple of photo shoots with Zoe and Alicia, two of their kids. But our family session didn't happen until this year. And it is all thanks to Nelli, who is literally the glue and the love in this beautiful family.

And alas, amid all of this photo shoot planning, I became very good friends with Alicia, their oldest daughter; I am so grateful to have connected with Nelli, who impresses me with her amazing super-mommy-ness; and Jesse became a prominent core teacher in our RMSP programs. It's really fun how life works out. 

So here you are: The Boone family. A family that I learn so much from. This is a glimpse of who they are.