Grain: Missoula Shop Opening

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing, touching and feeling the fine products of Grain, a new pop-up store in a backyard barn in Missoula. My dear friend Grace Kari and her bandmates, otherwise known as Gerygone & Twig, performed the shop opening, and the music was as wonderful as they are. I met Sam, the beautiful and friendly woman who owns and operates the small shop with her husband, and I wished that some of their style and class would rub off on me, standing there in my Chacos, cords and bright green raincoat. 

My sweet friend Kaelyn (whom I haven't seen since October because she lives in Helena!) was visiting and staying with me for the weekend, and she joined me in celebrating this new venture of entrepreneurship. We agreed that the shop was well curated and designed (she's an interior designer), but that we could never have that much white in our house with our black-haired pets. 

The style of the shop is clean, simple, earthy, elegant and warm. The owners made the welcoming sweet with wine, chocolate and meat. Four of my current students, some stylin' ladies--Erin, Anna, Ashley and Lauren--attended the opening as well, and it was fun to share this lovely night with them. How rare that it was raining and how nice it was to pass the time with friendly smiling faces, my favorite songs and great design.