Meet Sarah:   Photographer,  Instructor,  Lover of life

I'm a work in progress. I want to be someone who does, who lives, who loves endlessly, who speaks honestly, who jumps fearlessly and inspires others to do the same. I care about becoming someone who's kind, witty, and determined all at the same time. I am still a work in progress.

I like to take self portraits, other people's portraits, and portraits of portraits. Photography makes me endlessly happy. It is my creativity, my experiment, my lets-see-how-this-works technical interest, my method of human interaction, and my all-time favorite hobby. I love the tangibility of photo prints and film photography; I love the process of seeing and editing. I love getting my thoughts out through photographs. I use self-portraiture as a method of getting to know myself. I like to create visual representations of the many sides of myself or the deepest parts of my mind and soul. I love photography's perfect mix of technical nerdiness, romance with light, appreciation of the world around us, and jolts of creativity.

The best thing in the world is when someone tells me, "This photo you took of me is the best I've ever looked! You made me see myself differently." It's my goal to make people see just how beautiful and awesome they naturally are, through my photos. And that sometimes includes convincing myself of who I am. Sorry about all the selfies :)


Some accomplishments:

Co-Director of Rocky Mountain School of Photography
BA in Photojournalism from the University of Montana
2011 Graduate of Rocky Mountain School of Photography's Career Training program
Photo Editor of University of Montana's Native News 24th Edition

Photo Editor of Montana Journalism Review Issue 11
Sports category winner of B&H and Canon's 2015 Explore Creatively photo contest
Worked as the primary tech assistant to world-renowned documentary photographer Ami Vitale for a year
Successfully completed one 365 project in 2010, failed a second all-self-portraits one in 2012, and is now working through a 3652 Project! TEN YEARS of photos every day!



"SELF." exhibit in 2012 at RMSP's gallery
Bella Sauvage Day Spa & Salon

Make It Missoula's 2013 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival's coverage (I shot the festival with a 4x5 camera)
WheelHouse Missoula
Shop Grain

ArtsEdge by the Kennedy Center - GRIT campaign
121clicks 50 Most Strange and Haunting Color Portraits online gallery